Review From K SMARTPHONE Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha : discover its amazing “surround” screen

Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha : discover its amazing “surround” screen

Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha : discover its amazing “surround” screen post thumbnail image

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The Chinese manufacturer created the event with a smartphone with a screen that goes all the way around the device! Very expensive (about 2,500 euros), the Mi Mix Alpha may foreshadow the future of flexible screens, with slabs “folded” and not “foldable”.

The conference organized by Xiaomi was eagerly awaited, especially for the launch of a new smartphone with an innovative screen. If most rumors were confirmed, the speculation on the screen was below reality. Xiaomi did not create a mainstream smartphone with a cascading screen, but a concept smartphone with a “surround” screen.

While the manufacturer follows the current fashion and is also working on a device with a foldable screen , the Mi Mix Alpha could rather be described as having a “folded” screen. Rather than having the screen on the entire front and the slice on each side as expected, the famous cascading screen, here the screen is wrapped around the device. Only a thin band at the back, including the camera, is not covered by the display.

Screen ratio exceeding 180%

Xiaomi can boast of being the first to offer a smartphone with a screen ratio exceeding 100%. The Mi Mix Alpha surround screen offers a ratio of 180.6%! As a result, the device was unloaded from any physical button . Instead they are touch buttons, haptic feedback , which appear on the edge. The icons of information such as the battery, Wi-Fi or the mobile network, have also been moved to the side of the mobile.

The screen occupies almost the entire front panel. As on many other high-end mobiles, the speaker has disappeared, integrated directly into the display. Regarding the front camera, it will not be an opportunity to finally discover the hidden camera under the screen which Xiaomi had made a short video demonstration . Mix Mix Alpha just does not have it because it does not need it. Simply flip it over to use the main camera with the image displayed on the back of the camera.

To designate its new smartphone, Xiaomi evokes a “concept” and should not be expected to be marketed in large quantities. © Xiaomi, YouTube

A 108 megapixel photo sensor

The camera is composed of a triple photo module placed in a band at the back. This is the first smartphone to feature a 108 megapixel main sensor . It is accompanied by a second sensor ultra wide-angle of 20 megapixels, capable of taking macro shots just 1.5 centimeter distance. Finally, the third sensor is a 12 megapixel telephoto lens for a 2x zoom. On the side of the data sheet, Xiaomi validated the information that had already leaked. The Mi Mix Alpha is equipped with a processor Snapdragon 855+ compatible 5G . It embeds 12 GB of RAM , 512 GB of storage and a battery of 4.050 mAh compatible with the fast charge40 watts .

Mix Mix Alpha has been described as a concept smartphone and should therefore be available in limited numbers. It will be available at the end of December, for a price of 19,999 yuan, or around 2,500 euros. A price still higher than the Samsung Galaxy Fold proposed to 2.020 euros. The device is out of the ordinary and could be a way for Xiaomi to test the strength of its screen when replacing the shell, suggesting that it could prepare a foldable smartphone with the screen that folds around the device , like the Huawei Mate X .

Mi MIX Alpha: Xiaomi to unveil smartphone with cascading screen

Xiaomi is  preparing to launch the successor of its Mi Mix 3. It will not be the Mi Mix 4, but the Mi Mix α, or Mi Alpha, according to posters unveiled in teaser by the firm on Weibo. One of the peculiarities of this new model is its “cascade” screen, which completely covers the edge of the device on each side. It is for this reason that the manufacturer placed it in the middle of books, to show that the display extends to the edge of the device.

This is an evolution of screens with curved edges, and allows the manufacturer to go further than a simple edge-to-edge screen . The body / screen ratio thus exceeds 100%. The firm has detailed the evolution of the screens in five steps, the last being a screen that would do all around the device, front and back. It remains to see the usefulness of a cascading screen, and if a screen on the sides will not interfere with the grip since there will be more, a priori, buttons.


An integrated camera under the screen?

Other information is already known about Mi Mix α. It will ship a Snapdragon 855+ processor and should be compatible with the 5G. According to rumors, it could be equipped with a 108 megapixel photo sensor and a fast charging of 40 W. Its cascading screen could also support a refresh rate of 90 Hz .

Mi Mix α has no notch or wide black band at the top of the screen to integrate the front camera . Will the device be retractable, like the OnePlus 7 Pro , or integrated directly under the screen as the company had already shown in June in a tweet  ? All information should be quickly unveiled by Xiaomi, which is expected to present its new smartphone during a press conference on Tuesday, September 24.


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