VIDEO – Xbox Series X Microsoft Unveils Next Gen Video Game Console

Eight times more powerful than the Xbox One, the future console from Microsoft promises to run games in 8K and practically eliminate load times. It will be sold at the end of 2020.

Series X. Microsoft lifted the veil on its next video game console by surprise in Los Angeles Thursday, December 12. The Redmond company took advantage of the 2019 Game Awards ceremony which rewarded the best games of the year to reveal the name, appearance and main characteristics of its future machine.

Known so far  under the name Project Scarlett , the Xbox Series X will succeed the Xbox One at the end of 2020. This new nomenclature suggests the launch of a range to come. The latest rumors reported the development of a second game console more accessible game console giving access to dematerialized games, which could be the Xbox Series S.

On the first images released by Microsoft, the Xbox Series X recalls the appearance of certain PCs. Unlike the Xbox One, it seems to be positioned vertically in the same way as a computer tower. It is accompanied by a new joystick very close to the current pad to which has been added a button for screenshots.

The film does not specify the technical characteristics of the console. Microsoft head of Xbox division Phil Spencer told Gamesspot that it will have a GPU eight times more powerful than that of the Xbox One and twice as powerful as that of the Xbox One X. The latest rumors evoked a theoretical power of 12 teraflops capable of running games in 4K at 60 frames per second or even titles in 8K.