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Gearbest is a global e-commerce site based in China which is arguably one of the most popular outside of China after Aliexpress. Gearbest first entered Brazil and other countries unusual for this kind of site, but it is popularizing in Europe as well. Gearbest is very similar to Aliexpress, there are almost the same products there, but unlike Aliexpress, you address Gearbest rather than each individual seller.

I bought about twenty products on Gearbest, mainly phones (Oneplus, Vivo, Umidigi,…) and despite some problems encountered, I am quite satisfied with it.

Important note: did not pay me to write this article and I do not work for gearbest.

My most recent orders: Vivo Y95, Utorch DH09, Lucky Bag with Alarm Systems, A6X Tws earbuds, an Android box, etc..

Who is Gearbest

Gearbest is a Chinese company that specializes in the export of products of all kinds ranging from textiles to electronics. As on Aliexpress, you will not find American or European brands, they only sell brands from China. Gearbest has a centralized model, so when you buy something you are dealing with Gearbest and not a direct seller. They offer customer service in English, the other languages ​​come from a machine translation that is always very qualitative.

Gearbest has a more modern look than Aliexpress and offers a more loyalty system. With each purchase, you accumulate points that you can convert into cash or a voucher for your next purchases. The AliExpress loyalty program does not allow you to do this kind of thing (at least not at the time of this writing). They also quite often organize fairly fun promotional activities where you play games to earn points.

  • Over 110,000 awesome products at rock bottom prices
  • 45 day no-questions-asked money back guarantee
  • Global payment options such as Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Paypal, Western Union and bank transfer
  • Local payment methods such as Boleto Bancario via Ebanx (for Brazil) are also available
  • Ships to over 200 countries. Free Shipping is available to some countries
  • A wide range of affordable shipping options.Fast shipping options including DHL, EMS, and FEDEX

Guarantees offered by Gearbest

– 7 day “dead on arrival” type guarantee:
If your purchase arrives defective or breaks down within 7 days, you can return the item free of charge and choose between receiving a replacement or a full refund.

– refund guarantee after 45 days
If your purchase no longer works within a period of 45 days, you can request a full refund. The difference with the previous warranty is that if you return the product, you must pay the shipping costs to China.

– one year warranty for repairs
Gearbest offers a one year warranty for a free repair of your purchase (when possible). Some products have different rules (ex: textile). By using this guarantee you must also cover the costs of return.

Some products have special warranties, so check the product description before purchasing.

Language support
Like on Aliexpress, Gearbest offers a wide range of languages, but most of them come from machine translations. Everything is perfectly understandable in French but certain choices of words are sometimes a little curious. The product descriptions follow the same principle but it is also understandable. If you have a question, you can ask your question in the language of your choice. Since the support is centralized, they can organize themselves to find the skills to translate the answers into the right language (through an automatic translation or by a person speaking the language in question). You will notice a lot of Spanish or Portuguese in the questions and answers, Gearbest is very popular in Brazil and Spain.

The interface is more modern than that of Aliexpress but it remains a question of taste because in terms of functionality there are not many differences. The search engine works better than that of Aliexpress and the search by category is lighter than at Aliexpress also. Gearbest is also distinguished by its customer interface where you can follow your orders, Aliexpress offers the same thing but Gearbest goes further and stimulates its customers with a loyalty system. You earn points with each purchase, you earn points by writing a review or participating in certain activities. These points can be converted to cash fairly quickly. After 3 orders totaling € 200, I already had a reduction of € 10 to be used on the next purchase.

Like all sales sites, Gearbest has its evaluation system and I find that it is rather well done. Like most of the time, there is a star rating system and unlike Aliexpress, there is no default score, the ratings are fairer. Buyers can also express themselves a little more, customer feedback is therefore more substantial than elsewhere. Like Amazon, Gearbest also has a question and answer system that allows you to find out before you buy. The evaluations are therefore a strong point for Gearbest but this strong point has a weakness linked to the audience of Gearbest, you will see a large number of evaluations in Spanish or in Russian, if you do not master these languages ​​the evaluations will not help you so not much.

Gearbest also has an evaluation stimulation policy because if you evaluate your order, you will receive points which you can use to reduce the price of your next order.

Payment method
Gearbest offers all the payment methods that can be expected from such a site. Gearbest supports Paypal in particular, so this will allow you to benefit from Paypal support in the event of a complaint.

Customer support
I was quite happy with Gearbest until my order in early 2019 when I had to call on their customer service. I do not know if they are incompetent or if they play the card of wear, whatever, it is not good at all. (see story below)

Customs fees

From the moment you buy something outside of Morocco, you are exposed to customs duties if the price of your item exceeds 100 EUR. What you buy on Gearbest is no exception, sometimes you will be lucky, sometimes not. Customs duties usually correspond to VAT to which are added processing costs. For an item of 25 EUR, you could very well find yourself paying more in customs fees than the price of what you bought.

Some sellers will offer you solutions to reduce the chances of going through customs by changing the declared value or by avoiding certain carriers, but the risk will always exist.

What should you buy or not buy on Gearbest?

Gearbest has a wide range of Chinese smartphones and the price offered is often competitive. Obviously, you should not forget the risk of customs fees because even if the prices are lower, they will still be subject to customs fees. The warranty is also important because unlike Aliexpress, Gearbest does not yet offer a local warranty. In the event of a breakdown, your telephone must therefore return to China… at your expense.

Here we find everything, From memory cards, USB keys, surveillance cameras, kitchen appliances, vacuum cleaners and many more. Obviously these are Chinese products but for low value devices, the value for money is unbeatable. The Chinese also have their brands and these brands (ex: Xiaomi) produce quality products for an unbeatable price.

Remote-controlled toys
Gearbest has a large catalog of remote-controlled vehicles, whether land or air (drones), you will already find toys at very low prices.

Aliexpress or Gearbest?

I could not deprive myself of one or the other, I am satisfied with both and I continue to buy from one or the other depending on the products I find. If I had to buy the same products in Europe (even on Amazon), I would certainly have paid 20% more. My last purchase was a € 177 smartphone that you can’t find on Amazon for less than € 250 and even more expensive in other stores.


Is Gearbest reliable?
Yes, but sometimes you have to be patient with customer service.

Is Gearbest a scam?
No it is a completely legitimate site.

Does Geartbest have a stock in Europe?
Yes, but this stock is quite limited, new products are often available only in China.

Do you have to master English to buy on Gearbest?
Gearbest has a site in French which is sometimes poorly translated but it is possible to place an order without mastering English. If you need to contact customer service, mastering English is an advantage.

My opinion/opinion on Gearbest

Gearbest has a better site than Aliexpress but the catalog is less well supplied, the two sites are therefore complementary. If you have never ordered in China I advise you to go through Gearbest first because you will not have to manage a possible communication with a seller to find more pieces of information or try to get a better shipping option.

I have had some unfortunate experiences with Gearbest but I keep buying from them because they have good products and so far I have always managed to get a refund for defective products.

I had a little issue with the customs for a recent order but the customer support surprised me and handled the situation .. I just can’t describe how helpful they were on that particular case.

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